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Welcome to Soamee

We work in everything that you'll need to have your digital product ready.


We use the most valuable technologies like React or Vue. We also are trying new ones like GraphQL


Most of our projects are developed with Node.js. We use microservices whenever it's needed to get the top performance of your API


We develop native apps for Android and iOS, and hybrid apps with React Native or Flutter

CI / Testing

All our products are completely tested and have a great test coverage with e2e, integration and unit tests. Our flow and deploys are automated with Travis.

Passionate about the latest web and mobile technologies

Our team of professionals

We stole them from other top companies :)

Marina Couso

Front-end Engineer

Mónica Fernández

Project Manager

Juan Gutiérrez


Matej Hladnik

Full-stack Engineer

Eva López

Front-end Engineer

Javier Manzano


Irene Mateo

Full-Stack Engineer

Susana Mayo

Full-Stack Engineer

Rubén Vallejo

Back-end Engineer

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